ミシュラ桃雛 Tuhina Mishra(17)東京都


India is my second home. There, I saw many children who want to learn but can not go to school. I decided to sell homemade Samosa, and we are making it a scholarship system to support the school expenses of children in India by their sales.

右大輝 Taiki Migi(21)大阪府


I envision a society where disaster prevention is the norm. We are making a system that facilitate disaster prevention activities. I give support and consultation to individuals and organizations who would like to do disaster prevention activities, but do not know what to do, or how, or have limited resources to do so.

高田駿佑 Syunsuke Takada(19)福島県


After the Tohoku earthquake, I felt that my hometown, Iwaki City lost its liveliness that it once had. However seeing the adults resilience and smiles, I thought that students can do something too. I founded a student organization, “CONNECT”, which organizes events to help the locals and empower the town.

小野寺翔 Sho Onodera(19)/ 阿部成子 Seiko Abe(19)宮城県


Placing the earthquake affected Minami Sanriku-cho college students at the heart of our project, we are working to gather youths from all around Japan to tour and explore the wonders of our dear hometown.

八重樫美里 Misato Yaegashi(17)岩手県


The “After School Project” offers a place for high school students to become teachers, and share their talents to other classmates who wish to learn. My goal is to create an open environment in which anyone feels free to share their skills and attain skills from each other.

阿部将樹 Masaki Abe(18)山形県


I create a space where high school and college students who have worries about their futures can talk amongst each other and connect. They can then reflect on their past and prepare for what is to come, as well as find out what they really want to do with their lives.

原田優香 Yuka Harada(21)京都府


With the hopes of connecting Tohoku and Kyoto through "food", we hold food fairs in various parts of Kyoto, and keep people reminded of the people in the disaster-affected area in Tohoku.

山﨑紀奈里 Kinari Yamasaki(17)岡山県


With the local middle school and highschool students alongside the elderly ladies gatherings, I work to make vegetables called "Ama-vege" using the organic fertilizers from sweet algae and oysters, often found in the local Hinase area.

菊池眞悠子 Mayuko Kikuchi(15)/ 小林舞 Mai Kobayashi(17)岩手県


We work to create places where cross-generation exchange can happen in Miyako city to restore the overflowing joy and smiles that existed before the earthquake disaster.

角地美桜 Mio Kakuchi(17)岩手県

Hello, My Story

Through my own experiences, I am carrying out peer counseling activities for other youths in my generation.

細川壮司 Soshi Hosokawa(21)高知県


I work together with the local junior and high school students to set up an outdoor activity circle called "Blue ☆ Lake (Blake)" whose aim is expose the local charms of the area while they enjoy themselves.

舩橋理仁 Rihito Funabashi(17)愛知県


In the past, the Japanese education system was fixed - where teacher and student positions were stiff, the teachers taught the students and the students were there to only listen. I am working to create an environment where other students can step into teacher positions and think about how they want to learn.

黒島颯 Hayate Kuroshima(20)沖縄県


When I was younger I moved from Yokohama to Okinawa, and had a hard time adapting to the changes in my new environment. I didn’t want other children to feel how I felt so I worked to set up events where young kids could expand their possibilities, smile, and be happy.

狐鼻若菜 Wakana Kitsunehana(19)宮城県


After the earthquake, I moved to Kyushu from Ishinomaki, and launched "Project to Convey Love" that organize concerts and making picture books all in order to “convey love” to those affected.

武田彩 Aya Takeda(20)神奈川県


With my desire to "protect the smiling faces of people important to us,” I work to hold events combining food and disaster prevention, with a common goal of remembering Tohoku.

五十嵐有沙 Arisa Igarashi(20)宮城県


I work to hold events as a place where university students, who wish to become parents in the future, meet and connect with real-life parents who have kids.

横山玖未子 Kumiko Yokoyama(20)兵庫県


As a goal for the 20 year mark since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, I work to make and distribute fashionable anti-disaster whistles from Kobe that can be worn by the people to protect them from further danger.

吉浜知輝 Tomoki Yoshihama(16)岩手県


With the aim to have returners to the city, and prevent it from further depopulation, we work with high school students to organize events that includes the entire town. We give people opportunities to notice how much our town, Miyako has to offer and nurture their love for the town.

三浦亜美 Ami Miura(19)宮城県


In order to increase the number of repeating tourist visitors in the local Kesennuma area, I create and give experienced tour programs called "Role Playing Kesennuma" with local students.

小野寺眞人 Makoto Onodera(17)宮城県

ガツガツやります、GUTS FES!

As a part of spreading hope, helping those affected by the earthquake, and restoring young people’s smile, vibrancy, and power, we hold music events composed mainly of local high school students in Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi prefecture.

寺崎幸季 Yuki Terasaki(15)岩手県


Together with the residents of the temporary housing units, I work to make their dull, gray and unlively houses colorful and brighter using magnets.

柿木景子 Keiko Kakiki(19)青森県


I work to create a third foundation and safe place besides the home and workplace for mothers and their children.

橋本陸 Riku Hashimoto(17)岩手県

助けられるはずの命を救いたい Bystanderプロジェクト

From my own experiences with losing family members due to sudden illnesses, I work to offer emergency treatment sessions for the general public and relief activities at local events. We hold these events in accordance to the needs of the participants, and continue to act out in hopes that more lives will be saved.

阿部一樹 Kazuki Abe(17)宮城県


Based on my own experience where I was inspired after meeting and interacting with college students after my high school graduation, I work to create events so other high schoolers have a chance to think about employment and advancement after graduation.

上田彩果 Ayaka Ueda(21)東京都


I founded "Building Our Future in Takada" where junior and high school students in Rikuzentakata city, Iwate prefecture choose their own ways of living life and conquering challenges.

神代悠夜 Yuya Kamishiro(19)兵庫県


I work to set up international groups organized by students from Kochi, aiming to create an environment where foreigners of the future generation can live easily from birth.

水野翔太 Shota Mizuno(19)愛知県


Based on the concept of "raising Aichi and Nagoya through vibrant young people,” we held the "Nagoya Wakamono Conference" so the social problems that affect these cities could be explored. This event was a place where young people, leaders of the future, could discuss and solve problems with realistic solutions. We try to create a system where young people's voices can be heard by politicians and the government.

武内駿亮 Shunsuke Takeuchi(20)愛知県


My work aims to establish a young people’s parliament in which adults and young people can talk to each other from an equal level. Rather than respecting the opinion of an adult more than a younger person, our goal is to include a wide variety of people to be involved in the youth council, regardless of age, sex, nationality or race.

熊沢あずさ Azusa Kumazawa (21)兵庫県


It felt strange when people told me "Good luck" whenever I go to the Tohoku region from Kansai. I organize events to let people know that they too can do something for Tohoku disaster affected areas.

山口春菜 Haruna Yamaguchi(19)愛知県


I work to spread disaster prevention awareness in preparation for potential dangers in the Chubu region, while also creating a network of students to help in the event of a disaster.

伊藤大貴 Hirotaka Ito(20)山形県


I match the voices of the local town “There are things we want help with but there is not enough people or time” and of the youth “I want to do something but I don’t have the opportunity or friends to do anything,”. I connect these students and the local town so they can work together and create activities that benefit each other.

岩澤直美 Naomi Iwazawa(19)東京都


I set up classrooms to teach young children not only different languages, but also about "mutual understanding", "creativity of values” and "social contribution,” in order to cultivate understanding and tolerance of international senses and cross-cultures.

原田奈実 Nami Harada(19)/ 右近華子 Hanako Ukon(19)京都府


Every month on the 11th, our public dining room offers regional cuisine and local sake from one area of ​​Tohoku in hopes that those affected are never forgotten.

藤川かん奈 Kanna Fujikawa(21)京都府


We gather anyone willing to join, regardless of age, to share their experiences and wisdom to a “Smile School” of people who wish to listen.

佐々木真琴 Makoto Sasaki(18)岩手県


I work to create picture books based on the five senses to teach young children (aged 1-5) the importance of life and how to prevent future disasters.

小倉優香 Yuka Ogura(20)沖縄県


From the viewpoint of nutrition, I hold events so people can experience what cooking is like after natural disasters. If a disaster would to occur again, I hope that through our activities, the number of survivors increase.

尾崎勇款 Sasuke Ozaki(18)岩手県


After the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, which affected my hometown Ofunato City, Iwate I felt that interaction among locals declined drastically. I open a dance classes once or twice a month where I teach local people to dance, which I have learnt since my childhood, in hopes that it will create a place where people of different generations can interact with each other.

下城茜 Akane Shimojo(19)東京都


Growing up in a household with access to many picture books, I work to share the joy I felt when I was younger by holding workshops for children so they can create their own picture books.

弘田光聖 Kousei Hirota(19)高知県


東北に関わる学生を繋げ、団体での悩みの解決や活動情報の共有や仲間意識からのモチベーションの高め合いを目的に、「Tohoku "RE" Days」というネットワーク形成団体を立ち上げ活動している。
As a way to solve problems in groups, share activity information amongst each other, and motivate ourselves together, I started up a network called “Tohoku "RE" Days” involving students in the Tohoku region.

菊川恵 Megumi Kikukawa(20)兵庫県


Acknowledging that the society can’t solve the emotional bearings of “adult children,” we make it our job to gather people who face those problems and create an environment where they can help themselves.

井上絵梨香 Erika Inoue(16)/シャリー・チョイ Shally Choi(16) 東京都


Our "I Want to Meet You Project,” holds events where participants are posed to think about the impact eliminating waste and saving the environment by exchanging unwanted clothes.

中川なつみ Natsumi Nakagawa(20)大阪府


Through our relay form activity, each person captures their favorite photo of the sky. My hope is that through this fun game, participants regain the spirit of happiness when they look up at the sky.

青木大和 Yamato Aoki(19)東京都


To raise teenagers’ political awareness, I hope to improve political interest amongst teens and thereby expand political participation. I create an environment where high school students can gain more familiarity with politics by holding discussion sessions with policy makers and by holding mock elections.

下田満 Mitsuru Shimoda(17)京都府


As a way to prepare for future disasters, I invite people who have first-hand experience with the earthquake as guest speakers at schools to educate students about disaster prevention.

中澤郁美 Ikumi Nagasawa(19)宮城県 / 宮本一輝 Kazuki Miyamoto(19)和歌山県


We invite university students as well as vocational school students who experienced the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake to come to Wakayama Prefecture, and conduct programs to share their experiences to high school students.

中川七海 Nanami Nakagawa(20)大阪府


From my understanding that you don’t truly get to experience the situation without physically being there and seeing with your eyes, I organize music festivals in Kesennuma so outsiders have a motive to visit and to see the disaster affected areas.

渡辺真帆 Maho Watanabe(20)神奈川県


Through my "Michinoku Renaissance" tour, participants get to explore the true values of Tohoku at first-hand, and encourage them to become a supporters of the affected area.

木幡真人 Masato Kohata(18)宮城県


With my thought that "the media doesn’t properly display the individuals in the disaster-affected area," I set up and deliver Internet TV programs in which viewers can see the authentic version of livelihood for those affected from mine and other high school students’ perspectives.

近野秀亮 Konno Hideaki(18)/ 横山裕大 Yudai Yokoyama(19)山形県


In order to suppress the poverty rate of children in the Yamagata Prefecture, whose number of evacuees out of the nuclear radiation-affected district is Japan’s largest, I work to provide learning support for young kids. Myself and other college students have a support session once a week and become older sibling-like figures for these children.

金川綾華 Ayaka Kanagawa(20)北海道


After the nuclear accident in Japan, we work to hold events where those who evacuated from Fukushima to Hokkaido as well as Hokkaido residents are brought to think about food safety and the changes in cultivating agriculture.

太田佳奈 Kana Ota(17)宮城県


My “Tour-Type Camp” focuses on bringing local high school students and those from other regions together to tour the affected areas collectively.

川村花菜恵 Kanae Kawamura(17)宮城県


Using the local Fukushima Prefecture (Shinchi Town) products, I gather people to make savory buns in hopes that it will connect them in a deeper way.

佐藤美南 Mina Sato(15)宮城県


I work to see the earthquake affected south Sanriku area sparkle once again by bringing back the old festival, the Toko Yashi Contest.

佐久間楓 Kaede Sakuma(19) / 菅原彩加 Sugawara Sayaka(17)/ 佐藤慎 Shin Sato(18)岩手県


We work to communicate our own experiences of disaster through booklets and summits, in hopes of raising awareness to disaster prevention throughout the country.

今井直人 Naoto Imai(19)兵庫県


I held the first limited bus tour to Tohoku for first time visitors who shared the same anxious feelings towards those affected. We work towards a goal in which people are involved even after the tour in supporting Tohoku.

田畑祐梨 Yuri Tabata(17)宮城県



大前拓也 Takuya Omae(20)大阪府


I work with the local Kesennuma junior and high school students who plan tours in Osaka and Kyoto, while spreading the charms of Kansai. Our goal is for participants to experience foreign environments, think things from different perspectives and create opportunities to learn new values.

堀池美里 Misato Horiike(17)京都府


I work to hold the “Radiation Piano Concert” where young adults who are responsible for the future, perform in order to spread awareness about nuclear disasters.

ウックタモーフ・ショッルツ Shohruh Uktamov(20)ウズベキスタン


We devised a debate game called "Dilemma" to raise the ability for critical thinking, so people are constantly searching for new solutions and engaging in contemporary society. Under the common goal of "solving problems," we work to include young people from many different regions.

高橋愛満 Manami Takahashi(20)/ 津田紘那 Hirona Tsuda(20)兵庫県

東北&兵庫 大地震の経験をつなぐ物産展

I conduct activities to share my thoughts, experiences and feelings through my travels to the land of Kobe and Tohoku.

塚田耀太 Yota Tsukada(19)東京都


時間の自由、親の縛り、お金がないといった理由で東北に関われない高校生が多い一方で、何かしたいと思っている高校生は多かったことから、環境さえ整えれば高校生でも復興支援ができると思い、東北旅行企画や冊子の発行などを行う団体「Teen for 3.11」を立ち上げる。
Due to lack of time, parental permission problems, and absence of money, many high school students, though wishing to help, are unable to support Tohoku. In addressing this problem, my idea was to set up a group, “Teen for 3.11,” where high school students arrange reconstruction assistance projects and help with the planning and publication of awareness booklets.

矢野大地 Daichi Yano(20)高知県


I conduct activities to share my thoughts, experiences and feelings through my travels to the land of Kobe and Tohoku.

比護遥 Haruka Higo(16)/ 吉富秀平 Shuhei Yoshitomi(16)兵庫県


福島原発事故後、賛成派と反対派の意見交換があまりなされておらず、感情的に訴える姿が多く見られたことから、高校生がそれぞれの考えを発表し、意見交換する場としてのウェブサイト「THINK NUKE」を立ち上げる。
Since the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, people have not been able to express their opinions about their issues, so we created and launched a website titled “THINK NUKE” as a place for high school students to present their ideas and exchange opinions.

志田淳 Atsushi Shida(20)宮城県


自分が高校時代に、気仙沼で着たい服を買える店が少なかったという想いと、震災後に、気仙沼へ支援に行きたいけどなかなか行けないという周囲の声を掛け合わせ、日本全国から古着を集め、気仙沼でLOCAL CROSS MARKETというフリーマーケットを開催。
During my high school days in Kesennuma, I hardly had any options for clothes shopping that offered fashionable in-style clothing that I would actually wear. Noticing this problem that also affected many others, I worked to collect old clothes from all over Japan and organized a flea market called “LOCAL CROSS MARKET” in Kesennuma.

高橋奈々美 Nanami Takahashi(17)宮城県


Based on my experiences of visiting Belarus, I have created a global platform so young people with common experiences of disaster have the ability to share and be heard.

青島勇太 Yuta Aoshima (18)


"I lived with the beautiful sea and the nature of the forest, but breakwaters are made by concrete walls" Those were the words from the residents of the city which was washed away by the tsunami. Hearing this, we plow soil and grow trees in our hometown, Kobe, and plant them in the coastal area.

中尾岳陽 Takeaki Nakao (18)


In Hokkaido, many people did not take the issue of the tsunami disaster as their own and it was rare to find university students to take action. That is why I started to hold events for university students to gather and discuss.

佐藤慶治 Keiji Sato (18)


東北やその他の地域の大学生のための、ツアー型サミットを企画。自身は宮城県南三陸町 出身だが、現地のニーズを外に発信できていないことから、被災地内外の学生が交流できる場を作っています。
We organize a tour summit for college students in Tohoku and other areas. I am from Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi prefecture, but since I had not been able to communicate the local needs to the outside, I am making a place for students from both inside and outside of the disaster area to interact with each other.

山勢拓弥 Takuya Yamase (18) / 中村隆宏 Takahiro Nakamura (20)


The declining marriage and birth rate are common to both the Tohoku area after the disaster and Japan as a country. We organize events combining spouse hunting and disaster relief volunteering. We also collaborate with local government who already do ‘machikon (local municipality organized spouse hunting)’

根元淳成 Atsunari Nemoto (18)


A large earthquake similar to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake occurred which taught people lessons about earthquakes. However, those lessons were gradually forgotten and when the great earthquake in 2011 happened, it caused a great damage. To not forget the painful lessons from the earthquake in 2011, I create wall clocks to remind people of the disaster and put them in school classrooms.

小野亨也 Koya Ono (29)


We organize "student food market" events that sell ingredients and food products from the disaster affected areas. We started this because we felt that college students are not interested in food and also wished to support the farmers in the disaster affected areas.

渡邉将 Sho Watanabe (18) / 伊坂盛宏 Morihiro Isaka (18)


We are carrying out a weekly volunteer program with the aim of increasing the number of students actively involved in the reconstruction efforts in Tohoku.